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Dwightmares and Houston future 0

Dwightmares and Houston future

Famous for it’s bad free throw shooting, we have Dwight Howard finishing his indecision. This time it was between the LA Lakers and the Houston Rockets. Dwight finally decided going to the Houston next to Harden and Jeremy Lin. The biggest questions are brought up on the chemistry he would have in the lone star state. Dwight has built a reputation for firing coaches...

The end of the big 3: Nu Brooklyn 0

The end of the big 3: Nu Brooklyn

Not what you expected Squidward!! Get Great Sports Deals

2013 NBA Draft 0

2013 NBA Draft

So here is the complete list of the 2013 NBA Draft. With Cleveland selecting Anthony Bennett a 6′ 8″ forward from UNLV with a great profile to combine with Kyrie Irving. Orlando Magics went with the 2nd overall pick Victor Oladipo a 6′ 3″ guard from Indiana university, this will re-invigorate Orlando’s frontline and a great backup for Jameer Nelson. although for a franchise...

Draft 2013 – Good or bad?!? 0

Draft 2013 – Good or bad?!?

There has been a lot of discussion recently on the impact of the draft, some have said, this draft is pretty poor while others say this is the best it has been in years. There seem to be a good amount of big men (nine 7 footers) on this batch, however they would need more meat in their bodies to prove they are NBA...

USA Female U16 Champions in Cancun 0

USA Female U16 Champions in Cancun

Team USA did it again in Cancun, Mexico as the Squad beat the Canadian neighbors on an 82 to merely 48 points by the northern neighbors. I was able to take a look at the stream for the game against Mexico where the Americans vanished the Mexican team by scoring only 7 points at the Half. The slaughter that the Americans put on the...

Kevin Durant signs with Jay 0

Kevin Durant signs with Jay

“If Jesus payin’ LeBron, I’m payin’ Dwyane Wade“ – Jay Z “New York State of Mind” Seems he will need to update the lyrics and pay Kevin Durant after this summer. Get Great Sports Deals

Jordan vs LeBron 0

Jordan vs LeBron

So the finals was all about Legacy, for the Spurs, the 5th title for the veteran and now seriously analyzed as the best big man in the game even above other great big men like Shaq, Ewing and even and debatable Hakeem. However, there was also a big debate against the legacy of the self proclaim “not-two, not-three, not-four” Big three.   But there...

Champions Again!!! 0

Champions Again!!!

Viva el Miami Heat!!! Champions again. Get Great Sports Deals