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NBA Regular Season Wrap-Up 0

NBA Regular Season Wrap-Up

Wow! What an insane and amazing regular season it has been.  From beginning to end this NBA season has been jam packed with storylines and drama all throughout.  So to commemorate the 2012-2013 regular season I just wanted to highlight some of the biggest stories that happened throughout the year…. DeAndre Jordan Killed Brandon Knight I don’t think words are really  necessary for this….Just...

NBA_playoffs 0

Roundtable Talk: Playoff Series

1. Will the Jazz or Lakers win that 8th spot in the West?  Johnathan: After a very good win against the Spurs on Sunday, the Lakers seem to be in the drivers seat to win the 8th seed.  They control their own destiny and if the Jazz lose either of their two remaining games (against Minnesota and Memphis) then they’re out. Jeff: The Lakers will get...

Carmelo Anthony and Defining NBA Superstars 3

Carmelo Anthony and Defining NBA Superstars

50 points, 18-26 40 points, 17-27 41  points, 17-28 36 points, 15-29 Grand total – 167 points, 78-110, 70% FG Those are the scoring numbers for Carmelo Anthony over the past 4 games.  It coincides with the Knicks 12 game winning streak.  Those 167 points in 4 games haven’t been seen by a Knicks player since the immortal Bernard King. Entering the game against...

Revisiting La Liga and EPL after Round of 16 UCL 1

Revisiting La Liga and EPL after Round of 16 UCL

In January, I made a couple of earth-shattering predictions: 1) Manchester United would win the English Premier League. 2) Barcelona would win the Spanish La Liga. Both clubs were up by about 2347892347890234789 points at the time, but I promised to revisit both of the leagues after the Round of 16 in the Champions League. I thought perhaps, if things were tight in the...

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Race Playing a Role in Attendance?

I’m going to be a little opinionated here, but hey, it happens. My newest gripe is with the Indiana Pacers fans. From what I’ve been hearing, Pacers fans still refuse to go to games because they are under the impression that NBA players are “thugs.” This is a team that is 2nd in the Eastern Conference and a legitimate threat to Miami’s championship run. And...

Lakers Playoff run forecast 0

Lakers Playoff run forecast

Below, I compiled a forecast for the Lakers and the next 2 teams above them in the standings; the Utah Jazz and the Houston Rockets. What I ended up with was a Lakers team that has little to no chance to come on top. However, surprises could happen.  Lakers  Rockets  Jazz . ATL L DAL W @MIL W . @OKC L @DAL W @CLE...

Best Oscar Drama 0

Best Oscar Drama

Lakers Drama Get Great Sports Deals

Rapid Reaction; Let’s Make a Deal! 0

Rapid Reaction; Let’s Make a Deal!

The first blockbuster trade of the NBA season happened last night. The Toronto Raptors took a huge gamble in acquiring star wingman Rudy Gay from the Memphis Grizzlies. Here is the break-down of the three team trade: Raptors receive: Rudy Gay- SF Hamed Haddadi- C Grizzlies receive: Ed Davis- PF Tayshaun Prince- SF Austin Daye- PF 2nd round pick (via Raptors) Pistons receive Jose...