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2013 NBA Draft 0

2013 NBA Draft

So here is the complete list of the 2013 NBA Draft. With Cleveland selecting Anthony Bennett a 6′ 8″ forward from UNLV with a great profile to combine with Kyrie Irving. Orlando Magics went with the 2nd overall pick Victor Oladipo a 6′ 3″ guard from Indiana university, this will re-invigorate Orlando’s frontline and a great backup for Jameer Nelson. although for a franchise...

Draft 2013 – Good or bad?!? 0

Draft 2013 – Good or bad?!?

There has been a lot of discussion recently on the impact of the draft, some have said, this draft is pretty poor while others say this is the best it has been in years. There seem to be a good amount of big men (nine 7 footers) on this batch, however they would need more meat in their bodies to prove they are NBA...

The Triumph of the Miami Heat 0

The Triumph of the Miami Heat

NBA Finals…Game 7….’Legacy’ definer….Everything on the line….The game where you need your superstars  to step up.  For the Miami Heat that is exactly what they got.  LeBron James scored 37 points (tied for most points in an NBA Finals Game 7 win) 12 rebounds and effectively shut down Tony Parker and the Heat won their second straight NBA championship in 95-88 thriller. So whatever...

Kevin Durant signs with Jay 0

Kevin Durant signs with Jay

“If Jesus payin’ LeBron, I’m payin’ Dwyane Wade“ – Jay Z “New York State of Mind” Seems he will need to update the lyrics and pay Kevin Durant after this summer. Get Great Sports Deals

NBA Finals: Game 4 Recap 0

NBA Finals: Game 4 Recap

The end is here friends.  Since the season started in October everything has been building up to this….. The NBA Finals! Luckily for us basketball fans we get to see the two best teams in the NBA in a dream match-up. The Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs. After each and every game make sure to check Sportazine for my recaps In the...

Splitting the series 1

Splitting the series

Is the morning after game 2 and the NBA Finals turns to Texas, and a lot of the doubts grilling the Miami Heat has checked out after that spectacular come back. Now the Heatles needs to perform under hazardous environments. With LeBron also changing the conversation about his role to create an impact, and getting that W. With a triple double by James but a...

Keep Calm 0

Keep Calm

To all NBA fans, Keep Calm, Keep Watching!! Get Great Sports Deals

Welcome to the NBA Finals 0

Welcome to the NBA Finals

Certainly this wasn’t as easy as everyone expected Easter Conference Finals for the Heat which had to struggle late in the series against the Indiana team with a gigantic front-line. Not even the Birdman, Joel Anthony and Udonis Haslem were able to overcome the size. However, the worst part of it all is that made Miami look hopeless at some point. With struggles from...