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NBA Free Agency Palooza Part 1

  Here is the list of pretty awesome things that have happened in the sports world so far this summer: 1. The San Antonio Spurs beat the Miami Heat 3-1 in the NBA Finals.  Greg Poppovich and Tim Duncan won their first title together in 1999 and 15 years later they won their fifth.  More importantly, they did it against the Miami Heat.  You...

The Donald Sterling Issue 0

The Donald Sterling Issue

As i’m sure you’ve heard, Donald Sterling (owner of the Los Angeles Clippers) has been revealed to the general public as being a super racist, old, wealthy, white man.  As a result of the tapes provided by TMZ (jesus christ TMZ is a viable news outlet now) Sterling has been officially hit with a lifetime ban from the both the Clippers and the NBA by the commissioner Adam...

The Awesome MVP Race 0

The Awesome MVP Race

The script keeps changing…….. if you would’ve asked any pure basketball fan on the planet in 2007-2008 who the best player in the world was, I bet a lot of people would have taken Kobe Bryant over LeBron James.  At that time LeBron lacked the ‘killer instinct’ that the Mamba had.  His Cleveland teams were entertaining, fun and won a lot of games in...

Sports Law: Pro Sports Law Outline 0

Sports Law: Pro Sports Law Outline

This is a more-or-less unedited outline I made during the review session before my Pro Sports final on Wednesday, December 18. You’ll notice that I’ve covered some of the topics in more depth on the site already. I would have published it before the exam, but while we were able to use whatever we wanted during the exam, we were unable get help from...

30 Teams 30 Questions 0

30 Teams 30 Questions

Basketball is back!!! The NBA season officially kicked off with the Miami Heat receiving their championship rings and then going on to clobber the Chicago Bulls 107-95.  This game also marked the return of Derrick Rose.  The former MVP, against a great Miami defense, scored 12 points on 15 shots and had 5 turnovers.  After missing an entire year it’s obviously going to take...

NBA Free Agency Recap 0

NBA Free Agency Recap

The dust and blood has pretty much settled and NBA free agency is almost completed.  With all the biggest names available now signed and sealed with their new teams, i’m going to do a quick recap of where the big free agents signed and how it is going to affect the NBA going into the next season. Dwight Howard, Center, Old Team: Los Angeles...

Free Culture Sports Show: Episode #2 – Strawberries and Cream, Anyone? 0

Free Culture Sports Show: Episode #2 – Strawberries and Cream, Anyone?

On this week’s episode, Kevie finds out about the Lingerie Football League (now the Legends Football League) and Doug finds out about shinty. We also spend 1:13 discussing our MLS fantasy league and much, much more. mp3 audio | ogg audio | torrent | video Get Great Sports Deals

The end of the big 3: Nu Brooklyn 0

The end of the big 3: Nu Brooklyn

Not what you expected Squidward!! Get Great Sports Deals