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The Curious State of the Los Angeles Lakers, and Other Thoughts on the NBA

The Los Angeles Lakers were supposed to be bad this year…. With a roster where your second best player is probably Jeremy Lin (no disrespect to LINSANITY) then you have to expect some struggles.  But a 1-6 start?  No one saw that coming.  As of today, the Lakers have the second worst record in the league (the worst being the Philadelphia TANKERS 76ERS at...


NBA Free Agency Palooza Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of NBA Free Agency Palooza!! In Part 2 we’ll talk about the major free agency players in the Western Conference. If you missed part 1 with the Eastern conference teams make sure to check it out HERE. LOS ANGELES LAKERS What they Wanted: Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Kevin Love, Pau Gasol, all the championships in the world What they Actually...

NBA Regular Season Wrap-Up 0

NBA Regular Season Wrap-Up

Wow! What an insane and amazing regular season it has been.  From beginning to end this NBA season has been jam packed with storylines and drama all throughout.  So to commemorate the 2012-2013 regular season I just wanted to highlight some of the biggest stories that happened throughout the year…. DeAndre Jordan Killed Brandon Knight I don’t think words are really  necessary for this….Just...

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Roundtable Talk: Playoff Series

1. Will the Jazz or Lakers win that 8th spot in the West?  Johnathan: After a very good win against the Spurs on Sunday, the Lakers seem to be in the drivers seat to win the 8th seed.  They control their own destiny and if the Jazz lose either of their two remaining games (against Minnesota and Memphis) then they’re out. Jeff: The Lakers will get...

A Few Thoughts on the All-Star Game 0

A Few Thoughts on the All-Star Game

Another year, another mediocre dunk contest, more evidence that Jay-Z is the coolest guy in ANY ROOM, the official arrival of Kyrie Irving and overall good times in Houston as NBA All-Star 2013 wrapped up on Sunday night with a 143-138 win by the Western Conference All-Stars.  Chris Paul took home the All-Star Game MVP trophy with 20 points and 15 assists.  In a game...

Lakers Dwights and wrongs 0

Lakers Dwights and wrongs

As the chants of Beat L.A. and Overrated are heard all over the cities were the Lakers have been showing up. The media have just not stop yapping about the latest supergroup. It started in London, in the middle of the Dream Team word wide media focus as the cameras shift to the announcement that Dwight Howard was signed as the next big Laker....

Is a different basketball world out there 2

Is a different basketball world out there

One thing that has to come up in the comparison talks between this Dream Team and the original one is that is a different world out there. Get Great Sports Deals