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Euros: Day 4 – SVERIGE !! 0

Euros: Day 4 – SVERIGE !!

Here’s a first: Getting my article out the same day as the games! I could spend more time on this article, but since the articles for the other three days have been rather short, I figured I would keep this one consistent and start working on the article for tomorrow. Things will really start to get interesting tomorrow with the Czechs facing elimination! Sadly,...

Euros: Day 3 – Time to Breathe 0

Euros: Day 3 – Time to Breathe

I am currently first in my fantasy group! I have four more players starting today. I’ll talk about them on the Day 4 article. I’ve got to say though, I’m more interested in the games today (Day 4) than the games yesterday (Day 3). There’s time enough for that tomorrow, I guess – expect a more expansive article. I am not sure if I...

Euros: Day 1 – Sports Overload 0

Euros: Day 1 – Sports Overload

There was a lot going on yesterday. French Open MLB Group A: Poland v. Greece Group A: Russia v. Czech World Cup Qualifiers Luckily for me and my ability to cover things, the NHL and the NBA took the day off. French Open I’m not big on tennis, but Wendy is, so it was on yesterday. Men’s semi-finals to be exact. Nadal vs. Djokavic...