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USA Basketball as English League: Part 1 – Who Gets In?

  “SCMap-doton-Greenville” by Seth Ilys. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons. Let me start by saying there is no way this is perfect. The oldest NBA team is the 76ers, who started in 1946. “The oldest football club with a well-documented, continuous history is the Dublin University Football Club, founded in 1854 at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.” It really makes no difference to...

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A Day Late, But Not a Dollar Short

So, game reviews take longer than expected.  I guess that’s why I’m a sports writer and not a game reviewer, eh?  Speaking of ‘eh’, what a game by the US last night! Watching Olympic hockey is what has me not beating myself up about this post being late. Hockey Notes People are already talking about the rematch in the Gold Medal game.  Wait? First...