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Thoughts on US Chances with ~3 days to go 0

Thoughts on US Chances with ~3 days to go

First off, join my World Cup bracket group. I got the following excerpt from someone that will remain unnamed: Oh now I understand why you are heading there for the early rounds and not the finals. Sorry to hurt your feelings, but the teams you are supporting aren’t going to get past the first rounds. Except maybe for England – but I don’t expect...

World Cup Bracket 2

World Cup Bracket

With all the talk about brackets for the NCAA tourney, and seeing this article on dynamic duos, I was inspired to do a World Cup bracket.  There still could be a lot happen.  There could be so crazy Togo-esque shooting or just simple injuries.  I got the layout of the below from Wikipedia, so please respect their Creative Commons license.  I’m not going to...