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Media from Liverpool vs. Totteham 0

Media from Liverpool vs. Totteham

Back on June 17th, I said I need to take some time off to work on my legal career and that I would be back on July 29th. Well, actually, I was back on July 27th, but here’s the post you’ve been waiting for!                     SoundCloud Recording Set: http://soundcloud.com/whitfield/sets/sounds-of-professional/ Flickr Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dawhitfield/sets/72157630825153926/ Unfortunately, due to...

NFL Pre-Season and “Winter Break” 0

NFL Pre-Season and “Winter Break”

I’m still officially on hiatus, but I couldn’t help but comment on this NY Times article about the NFL. While I generally leave the NFL commentary here to others, I’ve been interested in the talk of a move to the 18-game season. Let me talk about something first to set the stage for my discussion on the NFL. Skip past the horizontal line if...