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FIFA Shoots They Score!! …Or Did They? 0

FIFA Shoots They Score!! …Or Did They?

Well, it’s hard to have breaking news on a weekly blog entry, no? NY Times beat me to it, but it’s still relevant (hey, they just posted this morning!).  Times Online (UK) did too, and to no surprise, I find their commentary better informed.  Before this becomes a link fest to organizations that have covered the topic before me, I just want to say...

Congratulations Johnny Spillane 0

Congratulations Johnny Spillane

It’s been an amazing first day for the Winter Olympics from Vancouver British Columbia. The one event that is getting a lot of attention though was the Nordic event. The nail biting finish between Jason Lamy Chappuis and Johnny Spillane really shows how competitive and exciting the next couple weeks will be. The most amazing point of this win for Spillane was that it was the first American...