Racing Match Report: Racing Club 2 Tigre 1 Copa Argentina Round 2


Amateur commentator of Argentine Primera Division club Racing Club de Avalleneda.
I will be writing up match reports of Racing fixtures as well as touching base with football in Wales.

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4 Responses

  1. Sergio Capponi says:

    Didn’t my original message say:

    Commas – not comma? Interesting how that was changed.

    If you need a proof-reader for your website contact me. I charge £50 per 5,000 words. I do this professionally and I could really benefit your website.

  2. Blueskuthinling says:

    Love the write up. Very informative. This man should be writing for the big press.

  3. Sergio Capponi says:

    This website needs a proof-reader.
    Comma and full-stops are not interchangeable!

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