supernatural disasters, natural disasters and the Bobcats and Bucks that love them

With title races and playoffs coming up, I thought I’d simply check in with some of my favorite teams and wax philosophically about their chances of bringing home silverware.  Also, you’re getting this a few hours early.  I mean, why not?

First off, a disaster of cosmic proportions – a supernatural disaster if you will.  I’m talking about the Red Devils falling at Old Trafford.  It’s likely this game should have ended in a 2-2 draw, or even a 3-2 United win.  ManU had two penalties not called and Gary Neville’s shoulder barge also should have been a penalty.  Let’s say they make all of them (not unlikely).  That’s 3-2.  Ok, ManU’s goal may have been a hand ball.  I think it hit his chest, but I’m not exactly neutral.  However, DROGBA WAS CLEARLY AND ABSOLUTELY OFFSIDES. WTF!!!!!!!! It wasn’t even close.  A full body, plus a hair.  So, that makes it 2-2.  Even with no penalties, it would have been 1-1.  It’s clear that Rooney getting injured is bad news for Champions League and EPL.  The Red Devils are safely in Champions League competition next year, so there’s not a lot of difference in two and three, but if Chelsea slips, you definitely want to overtake them.  Unless Chelsea has an injury, I don’t see anyone catching them.  Arsenal and ManU still have Champions League to deal with.  Now, I think Arsenal are pretty much done.  Two away goals is a huge mountain to climb.  However, Fulham overcame a 3-1 defeat in the Europa Cup against giants Juventus, so it could happen. Remember that Any Given Sunday piece? I just want to note that I am cheering hard for Fulham and American midfielder Clint Dempsey to win it.  I’m halfheartedly cheering for Liverpool too, but I really want Fulham to take home the silverware.

ManU may also be done in Champions League, but coming back from 2-1 at home is certainly doable.  Defense and have Nani or Berbatov poke one in.  It’s certainly possible, despite Berbatov looking like trash today…seriously, I did not get up at 6:45am to watch that kind of performance.  If you lose and Cech plays out of his mind, fine.  To lose by simply miss chances and not put it on frame…seriously?

Well, if you don’t believe in the supernatural, there are always natural disasters…the Carolina Hurricanes.  Now, I was going to write about how the Hurricanes have an outside chance at making the playoffs, but that has pretty much evaporated as at the time of this writing, there is 2:32 left in the 3rd period of the game against New Jersey…and they are losing 4-0.  I’m not even going to say anything else about it.

Just want to throw this in here since I’m talking about my teams that at some point I’ll probably look at the Bama 2010 football season based on recruits as well as the UK 2010 season based on recruits and departures.  Should be interesting to see if any of the big three leave UK.  I think they could all benefit from another year. I think draft stock went down as the season progressed…mostly because they were sharing minutes with each other.

Additionally, I have done a terrible job following college baseball this year.  At some point I’ll check in and give an overview of how seasons are going for GWU, UK, Bama and UNC.

Now on to the NBA…I live in Madison, so I keep an eye on the Bucks, but they traded my boy Jodie Meeks, so I’m not real happy with them.  The Bucks are putting the hurt on Phoenix right now…24 points at halftime…ouch.  The Bobcats are really my team though.  The   The Bobcats are also currently losing, but only by 9 points in the 3rd, so that’s not too bad.  Playing better in the 2nd half so far.  If the playoffs ended right now they would have the 7th spot and even if they go on to lose this game, they will still be in the 7th spot by a game.  Chicago is in the 9th spot though, so this is not a good game to lose.  They’ll play one more time before the end of the season, so in football parlance, these are 6-pointers (and that’s not a touchdown, but rather the 3 points per game that soccer uses).  Bobcats were up, but now down by 5 again very late in the 4th. Not really to call it just yet though.  The only team with a better record than the Bobcats that they play in the remaining games is the Hawks, so it’s looking pretty good for them to be in, but at New Orleans and at Houston will definitely be tough.  Chicago, on the other hand, has to play Boston, Cleveland and the Bucks…those are all home games though.  Last game of the season is Bulls in what is -more-or-less my hometown of Charlotte.  It could be for all the marbles…well, a playoff spot.

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