Going to monthly column until World Cup

After a bit of thinking, I am going to turn this into a monthly column for May and June, except in June I plan to do daily posts from South Africa while I’m there.  I want to spend some time talking with Jeff (the sys admin) about getting some ads up on the site and I want to spend some time trying to find some more contributors.  If everything falls into place, I’ll be moving the weekend of May 15th, so I need to pack.

I’ll still be posting at identi.ca/dougsportazine and if you can’t bring yourself to embrace freedom, twitter.com/dougsportazine.

If our NFL and NBA guys have good news about getting started, I’ll make sure and update here.

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I played four varsity sports in high school (gridiron, track, football and basketball). I went to states with a relay team in North Carolina and made the state semi-finals in football (soccer). I also coached travel football for TFC (http://www.trianglefc.org/) and worked for Eurosport/soccer.com. I graduated from the University of New Hampshire School of Law, where I study intellectual property and sports law.

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