Blast from the past

Before we decided to start Sportazine, I was writing every once-in-a-while about sports. I was going through some old blog posts on my personal blog and found a short old one on college football and I thought I’d share.  If I find any others, I’ll be sure to post just for the fun of nostalgia.

If you can’t bare the thought of not hearing my brilliant analysis, no matter the topic, you can check out the podcast I do with Tom Ray, which is not going on hiatus.

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I played four varsity sports in high school (gridiron, track, football and basketball). I went to states with a relay team in North Carolina and made the state semi-finals in football (soccer). I also coached travel football for TFC ( and worked for Eurosport/ I graduated from the University of New Hampshire School of Law, where I study intellectual property and sports law.

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