Quick thoughts on NCAA tourney

First off, I follow UK, Wisconsin, UNC, Gardner-Webb, Alabama and Murray St and outside the SEC, I’m not watching a lot of games.  My roommate is a Nova fan, so he keeps me informed on the Big East.  You’ll likely see some East Coast bias in my bracket, but the Pac 10 was obviously down this year.  I don’t have a western team making it to the sweet 16, unless you count Kansas, Baylor and K-State.  A lot of that is just the matchups, UNLV vs. Kansas, OSU vs. OSU, Gonzaga/’Cuse, BYU/K-State.  The best teams in the west are just not supposed to make it to the final 16, based on seedings.  The exception is New Mexico.  You got to pick upsets somewhere, right? Marquette is definitely a quality side, and they pass my winning record in the conference barometer.  GT, on the other hand, does not…first round exit for them.  Other than NC State, Marquette did not lose to a team not in the NCAA tourney.  Either way, the winner of that game is losing to West Virginia, but that’s a tough one.  Once I realized my bias, I picked Richmond over St Mary’s.  That one’s a toss up.  The loss to USC is the real blemish for St. Mary’s otherwise they lost mostly close games to quality teams and had two wins over non-conference teams now in the tourney.  They lost by 2 to Vandy.  There are more quality wins on the Richmond side, but also more head-scratching losses.  Meh, reverse-bias.

The Dayton loss is the big blemish on Old Dominion’s record, but I still think they can beat a Notre Dame team with injuries.  Sure, they are in the Big East, but they also finished 8th.  I think the only reason they are so high is they couldn’t justify giving Georgetown a 3 and Notre Dame an 8 with the same in-conference schedule.  Admittedly though, Big East conference schedules can be VERY misleading with their crazy scheduling system.

Losses at Colorado and at home to Alabama have me scratching my head about Baylor. Beating Texas 3 times at the end of the season is no big accomplishment.  After starting 17-0, Texas went 7 and 9.  Will the game against Nova being in their home state propel them to victory? Either way, I’m confident dook wins the next game.  The loss at UConn is the question mark for Nova.  Ultimately, I’m going with Baylor.  I already have 3 Big East teams in the Elite 8 and I have the Big 12 losing the 3/2 matchup in the west.

You’ll notice I have Murray St going to the sweet 16.  This is wishful thinking, but if they get past Vanderbilt, I’m confident they can win the next match.

This is the point where I was going to link to my bracket, but since Yahoo! won’t let me do that until the 18th, I’ll just have to add it then.

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