Congratulations Johnny Spillane

It’s been an amazing first day for the Winter Olympics from Vancouver British Columbia. The one event that is getting a lot of attention though was the Nordic event. The nail biting finish between Jason Lamy Chappuis and Johnny Spillane really shows how competitive and exciting the next couple weeks will be.

The most amazing point of this win for Spillane was that it was the first American medal in Nordic combined. He achieved Silver and what some will say abolished a curse that has plagued Americans in the Nordic event for 86 years. 10,000 meters in 30 minutes, now that’s an awesome feat.

Lamy Chappuis – representing France – won the Gold. The two came down to a photo-finish to determine the winner. Chappuis had edged ever so slightly to take the top prize.

Some say it’s similar to the curse of the Bambino for  baseball. Be it as it may, it was still a fun event to really watch. Definitely an exciting event in the opening days of the XXI Winter Olympiad.

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