US Soccer public practice and Brazil preview

This summer was supposed to be about law, but as I recently posted on the Lawcast site, the beginning of the summer also marks the start of vacation for my girlfriend. On Saturday night, I watched the second half of the Scotland game from the comfort of my home. The game was played in Jacksonville, FL. Landon Donovan scored a hat trick in a 5-1 semi-rout. The game was won without Clint Dempsey. Mostly, I’d say this was Scotland playing poorly and not the US playing well, but I guess we’ll find out tomorrow!

USMNT Public Practice in College Park

I don’t have too much to say about this. The audio recordings, pictures and videos I link to below should be enough. I do want to say that I got so close to the field because I am a member of the Official Supporter’s Club. That’s how I got my 2010 World Cup tickets and may get my 2014 Wold Cup tickets. If you love US Soccer and live in a metropolitan area where the team plans games occasionally, I suggest you sign up.

Audio recordings of practice on SoundClound.

Practice Pictures and Videos on Flickr (actually, at time of writing, videos are not up…they take a bit longer to upload)

If you need help identifying players in the pictures, here’s the 23-man squad with some facts.

US v Brazil

If both teams come to play, we could be in for a treat. Wendy and I will be in what is called the second row, though actually there’s some sort of “on field” section they brought in. We might be in the NFL 2nd row. I don’t know. We shall see.

Now, Neymar and Co. are good, but it is more complicated. First, according to Tim Vickery, Brazilian officials are quite harsh on defenders, so there’s nothing to suggested Neymar could have done that move in Europe. Santos got hammered by Barcelona back in December. Neymar and Ganso are not proven on the European stage and many of the US internationals are. Of course, others in the Brazil squad are playing at elite clubs in Europe. As Messi shows, club form doesn’t always translate into national team success. Also, it’s a friendly, and anything can happen in those.

Check back in on Thursday to read about my experience at the game!

Women’s Team

Also of note, the US Women beat China 4-1 in front of a sold out crowd.

Press Pass

I think it makes sense to try to get a press pass. I have spent zero time looking into it, but I’m wondering if the LazyWeb can help me out with details. So, what do I need to do to get press credentials?

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