America’s reaction to Donovan’s goal

I have to say, the reaction to this team and to the goal has meant more to me as a football fan than the goal itself has. Even before the game, ESPN has been giving it equal coverage to Wimbledon and the NBA Finals. I’ve thought for some time we were just on the cusp of becoming a major sport, potentially as big as hockey, but not as big as the other three. I thought we were held back by European game times, and we certainly still are. But if Americans are good at one thing, it’s patriotism. Even the Marxists I know (who, you know, aren’t the biggest fans of our government) are some of the biggest fans when the US played Canada in the Gold Medal Game in ice hockey and also when it comes to US Soccer.

I’m going to look back at my previous posts and see what I’ve said about needed improvements to the MLS, and if I haven’t said enough, I’ll do an article.

For now though, I really wanted to just throw up the following link. I don’t know if anyone at MLS Talk made this video, so I’m not going to just embedded the video, but it’s well worth the click. The reaction in the *streets* of NYC and the reaction of grandmas is just so priceless.

Also, MLS Talk is doing a World Cup Buzz podcast during the World Cup. I’ve never listened to it as MLS Talk, but I have listened to EPL Talk, which is the same group and EPL Talk is great. It’s more frequent than ESPN SoccerNet’s Podcast. I also enjoy the SoccerLens podcast, for those of you looking for some podcasts. I listen to some others, so if you want more, let me know.

While talking about podcasts, I’m going to use this opportunity for some shameless self-promotion. I do a music podcast called ‘Music Manumit.’ You can find it at We’ve discussed the World Cup in passing a bit and briefly discussed the opening ceremonies, but really, it’s about music. So, if you’re a music fan, check it out. Also, if you’re an artist that releases under Creative Commons (or have any tracks under Creative Commons), feel free to send them our way.

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