In relation to Euro 2012, a friend of mine in Europe said

Good coverage for me is as in the US. full 90 minute game not a 10 to 20 second report. I was just wondering if the games would be covered big time knowing that soccer is not as popular as for instance baseball…


I started writing back, but then thought I could get the discussion started about it here.
My primary response is, in true lawyer fashion, it depends. Primarily, it depends on where you are. For example, Seattle gets almost twice as many at MLS games as they do MLB:
Of course, MLB has 162 games, so in aggregate, sure, the MLB sells more tickets.
The real problem is TV coverage of the MLS. The English league gets better TV viewership than the MLS. There are a bunch of Europhiles. Americans are snooty and expect the best sports. However, Americans are also lazy and are not willing to help the MLS out. Of course, I’m making generalizations. There are some die hard MLS fans out there. I don’t consider myself one of them, but I have been to 3 games, and probably will make another before the end of the summer.

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I played four varsity sports in high school (gridiron, track, football and basketball). I went to states with a relay team in North Carolina and made the state semi-finals in football (soccer). I also coached travel football for TFC ( and worked for Eurosport/ I graduated from the University of New Hampshire School of Law, where I study intellectual property and sports law.

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