Sportazine FC now 3-0-1, and other FIFA 16 news from Doug

We introduced our first non-Whitfield player to Sportazine FC, and went 2-0-0 with him. We tried out a wingback formation since most people want to play centrally, but it did not work. We might go with a 4-2-2-2 since Evan likes to play CDM and everyone else seems to like CAM or ST.

We also now have to schedule Sportazine FC matches. Evan made me a manager, so I can approve people that want to play.

I had thought I would skip career mode since it took me away from FUT and Pro Clubs, but you can really rack up the XP/FCC in career mode. Also, I am curious to see how easy it is to get through Europe. It wouldn’t let me start in Champions League with MFF, which is a bit of a bummer, but I get it.

I’m currently trying to land Nikola Đurđić without selling the farm. They don’t want Rosenberg, which I’d be willing to dump for a few more years left. Of course, keeping Rosenberg would be nice. Also, I guess I’ll have to start over after the winter update. I probably won’t get very far by the time the winter update comes out anyway. It’ll be a test run for how the transfer system works in the new game. The pre-season friendly tournaments is a nice way to get some bonus cash. I hope it comes quickly enough to get Đurđić! I did try to get him on loan, but they weren’t having it.

Eventually, I’m going to get something up about our last two FCSS posts. You can find them on YouTube. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get the notes for the second one and the links for both up.

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