Review of EA FIFA 2010 – Yeah, 2010

You’re probably think WHY???

There are two reasons:

1) This was in my draft folder.

2) I am coming up with my 2011 review in the coming days. Hey, better than 2 years late!

Why a game review?

I already posted why I thought this was a good spot for a game review, so I won’t rehash that here.  I do want to note though that Game/DVD reviews will probably not be a common occurrence on the Sunday blog.  Between coaching, playing, training and riding tips, watching games and following the business/technology side of things, there’s just not a lot of time to play PS3.

Originally, I had planned for this to be a multi-part blog, but with so many FIFA resources already out there, I think I’m going to keep my thoughts short and just point you to some of the great resources out there.  Since I’m assuming most of the readers will be Americans, I’ll list some terms at the bottom denoted by [#] in the txt.

One Night Stand

(she’s hot, may or may not be a keeper)

Great game play and features with some serious holes.  Terrible user-interface and game-navigation, both of which are echoed at Game Spot.  They are slightly nicer in their assessment of the navigation, but it blows.

Second Date

(she’s left a number, definitely worth a call)

Just so everyone is on the same page, I’ve spent most of my time with Malmö FF (Allsvenskan), Newcastle (Coca-Cola Championship), Melbourne Victory (A League) and Celtic (SPL).  My roommate has played for Chicago Fire (MLS), NY Red Bulls (MLS), The US National Team, Celtic, Arsenal and Modena (Serie B).  I’ve also had a brief stints with Manchester United both in Manager Mode and Be A Pro.  As you can see, we are a bit all-over-the-place.

The Ring

(Honeymoon’s over, now you’re taking out the trash)

Manager Mode

I’ve started manager modes with Malmö FF (twice), Newcastle United and Celtic.  Why twice, you might ask, and why three teams?  These are both good questions and point to flaws in game design.

Other Tips

Don’t take player ratings too seriously.  Once you start playing, get players that play your style – long shots, great with headers, etc.

Below I was planning to to talk about some of the hidden gem players, but really, you should use this player guide.  Now, the problem with that player guide is it’s for young players (U-23).

Here’s a short list of players worth their weight in gold:

Dahlin, Malmö FF: I got player of the year with him in my second season in the Allsvenskan.  My other keeper, which I bought from Dallas FC who is four years younger and I was going to train to be better, got young player of the year that same year, just playing the games after the transfer window.

Kruys, Mamlö FF: I enjoyed playing with this guy so much, that I bought him in my Newcastle season (and perhaps Celtic, though I don’t want to fire up the game just to check)

Ofere, Malmö FF: In the third season, I ended up selling Ofere, but for players that don’t yet know the finer points, he’s a good pick up because he is a very strong, aggressive player that will tackle himself to goals.  He was also a pretty good assist man with my Virtual Pro up front

Sturridge (bought with Celtic from Chelsea): My 2012 recollection: AWESOME.

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