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Sportazine FC is looking for FIFA 16 players on XBox One

I’ve got more to share, but I want to get this out. I’ll try to get out another post tomorrow. We are looking for all positions. We’re currently 1-0, so it’s ok if you are just getting started playing with your pro. My gamertag: dougsportazine. Evan’s gamertag: DarkLiverpool.   If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. If you search Sportazine on...


Free Culture Sports Show – Season 4 – Disgusting No. 2

Newcastle @ MUFC this morning 0-0. Sturridge could return against Man U on Sept. 12. Where does he fit in squad? Assuming Milner, Henderson, and Benteke are the first names on the teamsheet, then BR can only pick three players out of: Sturridge, Coutinho, Firminho, Lallana, Ibe… First playoff round of UCL qualification over MFF lost 3-2 to Celtic. Let’s not talk about it,...


Watch Our Halftime Comments of MUFC v LFC on September 12

Getting this up early so people can participate on twitter, facebook, etc. We can’t make out most of the signs. We hope we can do more with the first half. Get Great Sports Deals


Watch Our Post-game Comments on MUFC v LFC on September 12

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on in that photo. A bunch of MUFC stuff and a liver bird. That’s what this show is going to be like, though hopefully we know a little bit more about what is going on. Get Great Sports Deals


Free Culture Sports Show (FCSS) – Season 3: Wrapping It Up

Wrapping up the season, not the show. We came in at 25 episodes if we’ve counted correctly, not the 26 we intended. However, since our crowd-funding campaign failed, we don’t owe anyone anything. Actually, that’s not 100% true. I still need to get our tiny bit of money out of IndieGoGo and fulfill our backers…which is just a mention on our site. Walt wanted...


FCSS: The EWE – Technology in Sports

Changed the name of the EWE from “Every Wednesday with Evan” to “Every Week with Evan” Goal line technology, in/out calls in tennis, and touch sensors in olympic swimming.  What will happen next in the vast world of sports with technology? I’d like to see some of this implemented immediately to speed of the pace of NBA and NFL games. No more hood visits,...


Free Culture Sports Show (FCSS) – Season 3 – Keep Calm and Win the Playoff

We also thought about “First World Problems” and “¯\_(ツ)_/¯” as show titles. We’re trying not to feed into the gloom and doom that is likely to spread across soccer-nation after the US goes down 2-1 to Jamaica. Life goes on. In fact, US soccer goes on. If you believe in staying calm, check out How was the coaching clinic (Convention)? How was the...


Free Culture Sports Show (FCSS) – Relegation Madness, with Ted Westervelt – Season 3

Special guest from – Ted Westervelt Promotion/Relegation United States has fixed pro sports leagues – same teams every year Rewards you for failure Promotion/Relegation – multiple divisions of the sport. Winners of lower divisions get to move up, and losers in the top divisions move down. Australian league doesn’t do pro/rel SAF said it would be suicide Sacramento, Minnesota, Louisville – talking about...