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Men’s and Women’s Olympic Matches (and Qualification)


Sports in Space: An Interlude in the Sports on Mars Series

“Astronaut-EVA” by NASA. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. My first article about sports in space contained a section titled “Could these games be played somewhere in between?” This produced an off-site challenge, which I wanted to address. First, the whole series suffers somewhat from being ambiguous in time, but we’re certainly talking a long way off. In my head I’m targeting life...


Sports on Mars: Part 1 – Non-Travel Logistics

“Mars Hubble” by NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA). Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. This is not the place for a debate on space (one of my friends has a new project where that would be more appropriate), so let’s start with the assumption that Mars is the most likely place for a future human colony. In this first article I...

Sports Law: Torts and Sports 0

Sports Law: Torts and Sports

This is not legal advice and I am not licensed to practice law in any jurisdiction. Should you need legal advice, contact an attorney licensed to practice in your jurisdiction. This Week’s Topics: Torts on the Professional Field: Dale Hackbart v. Cincinnati Bengals & Charles Clark videos of famous “torts” on the field/court/rink. Concussion lawsuits brought by retired NFL players against NFL and helmet companies Torts on...


What is Team USA missing?

I hold back blogging anything referring the USA team during the preparation matchups since even if they won or loose it wouldn’t have counted and also it seems that their play would be very different from the real deal. Well the real deal came through and was pretty different indeed. During the preparation games, team US looked a bit lackluster, specially trying to play...

Let the Games Begin! 1

Let the Games Begin!

The Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics start in just over 3 hours. However, there have already been some games. For example, both men’s and women’s football has started. In case you are wondering, the US is not competing in men’s football, but the women are expected to compete for the title. The Olympics will take place until August 12th. Even though I’m knee-deep in Lawcast...

A Day Late, But Not a Dollar Short 0

A Day Late, But Not a Dollar Short

So, game reviews take longer than expected.  I guess that’s why I’m a sports writer and not a game reviewer, eh?  Speaking of ‘eh’, what a game by the US last night! Watching Olympic hockey is what has me not beating myself up about this post being late. Hockey Notes People are already talking about the rematch in the Gold Medal game.  Wait? First...

Congratulations Johnny Spillane 0

Congratulations Johnny Spillane

It’s been an amazing first day for the Winter Olympics from Vancouver British Columbia. The one event that is getting a lot of attention though was the Nordic event. The nail biting finish between Jason Lamy Chappuis and Johnny Spillane really shows how competitive and exciting the next couple weeks will be. The most amazing point of this win for Spillane was that it was the first American...