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Racing Match Report: Union de Santa Fe 1 Racing Club de Avellaneda 2 APD Round 20

Union de Santa Fe 1 Racing Club de Avellaneda 2 16th August 2015 Saul Laverni   Racing, fresh off the back of last Friday’s Copa Argentina victory against Tigre have won away from home for the first time since the Copa America break. Cocca went for an exciting formation of a 3-4-1-2 against Union’s more standard 4-4-2, in an attempt to combat the lack...


I Believe in Jurgen Klinsmann…Definitely….Maybe…..

When the USMNT walked off the field in Salvador, Brazil back in July of last year they were technically losers.  Losers in the sense that they had been beaten by a clearly better Belgium team, 2-1, and were sent packing in the quarterfinals of the World Cup.  But, in a ‘big-picture’ sense you could not deny that US Soccer won something that night.  Look...


UCL Qualification Preview: MFF v Žalgiris Vilnius

If you are like me, the name FC Žalgiris (or Vilniaus futbolo klubas Žalgiris as they are known in their native tongue) is vaguely familiar, but you couldn’t place them on a map. It’s possible you know them by another name: 1947 – Dinamo 1948 – Spartakas 1962 – Žalgiris 1993 – Žalgiris-EBSW 1993 – FK Žalgiris 2009 – VMFD Žalgiris 2015 – FK...


Free Culture Sports Show (FCSS) – Relegation Madness, with Ted Westervelt – Season 3

Special guest from – Ted Westervelt Promotion/Relegation United States has fixed pro sports leagues – same teams every year Rewards you for failure Promotion/Relegation – multiple divisions of the sport. Winners of lower divisions get to move up, and losers in the top divisions move down. Australian league doesn’t do pro/rel SAF said it would be suicide Sacramento, Minnesota, Louisville – talking about...


Free Culture Sports Show (FCSS): What does the FOX say? – Season 3

The EWE (Every Wednesday with Evan) came out yesterday. Check it out! Doug’s article from January: Brad Davis and Jermaine Jones are both hurt, something we didn’t mention on Tuesday. Is this Wondo’s last major tournament? Evan could see him playing at the next Gold Cup. Which would you whether win? Confed Cup or Gold Cup? Honduras (1) v US (2) Review Dempsey...


FCSS Catching Up

In the actual show, we don’t even get a chance to mention the NBA/NHL Finals, or the Tour de France. Yep, we have some catching up. Evan’s new show (Every Wednesday with Evan) starts tomorrow! Will the show be live? Will it be YouTube only? Live, but not sure what time. Yes, YouTube only. USA are women’s world cup champions again!  Third star! When...


Doug’s July 2015 FIFA 14 check-in

I’ve been really high on the Cavani/Suarez partnership for a long time. Evan recently suggested Lewandowski to me, and since the final week of IF cards is cheap in comparison to what would be their market value otherwise, I decided to go for Lewandowski. Really, it’s too soon to tell, but I have been pleased with Lewandowski overall. STARTERS GK Castillas 86 RB Lahm...


FCSS: 2015 Women’s World Cup + UEFA CL Review

June 13 – Champions League Final Review / Women’s World Cup Doug: First, I got to see some of Norway demolishing Thailand. It’s interesting that the southeast Asian countries are good in the women’s game. Is it because the Islamic world doesn’t do women’s sports in full or because size doesn’t matter as much in women’s? Japan are, after all, reigning world champs. Vietnam...