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FIFA 13: Initial Thoughts

Up until last night, I was going to write, at least in part, about how easy the semi-pro mode was on the game. I had made the Champions League semi-finals with Malmö in my second year, which was a vast improvement over what happened in FIFA 11. Then I lost a game to Elfsborg (If I remember correctly) and then to Barcelona. I had...

My MLS story (or, I know what you did last summer) 0

My MLS story (or, I know what you did last summer)

When I left Madison, my MLS allegiances were up for grabs. Here’s how that story unfolded. When I was younger I had been a DC United fan of sorts, since being in North Carolina DC was the closest team. I never felt a particularly strong tie though which is why the next part of the story was even possible. When I moved to Madison,...

What’s your strategy? 0

What’s your strategy?

Doug here again. I’m deep into readings from IIPSJ, but I wanted to ask everyone a question. Is it better to go all-in with a fantasy team picking players from Germany and Spain only for a predicted final or should I sprinkle in some players from other teams such as a Rooney, a Pirlo or a Ronaldo? With the England v Italy match still...

FIFA 2011…just in time for FIFA 2013 6

FIFA 2011…just in time for FIFA 2013

While the reason for publishing my embarrassingly late and incomplete FIFA 201o review is obvious, this article, the reason for publishing this article is less obvious. I don’t own 2012 and may never do so (I did play it with my brother at Christmas). There are three reasons I may some day own another FIFA title and it will be an interesting data point...

Review of EA FIFA 2010 – Yeah, 2010 0

Review of EA FIFA 2010 – Yeah, 2010

You’re probably think WHY??? There are two reasons: 1) This was in my draft folder. 2) I am coming up with my 2011 review in the coming days. Hey, better than 2 years late! Why a game review? I already posted why I thought this was a good spot for a game review, so I won’t rehash that here.  I do want to note...