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BPL/EPL Fantasy Beginnings and MLS Home Stretch

First off, congrats to Shea Sennett for winning Sportazine’s 2013-14 BPL/EPL fantasy challenge. We may still end up getting Shea on the podcast for his gloating session. Join us before August 16th for BPL (EPL, if you like) fantasy football! Actually, you can join us after that, but you’ll be at a disadvantage missing the first week. We’ll also do UEFA Champions League fantasy,...


Washington Redskins NFL Draft Analysis

With another NFL draft successfully completed for the upcoming season, the next course of action is the ever-anticipated draft-pick analysis. The Washington Redskins made some key acquisitions this year that fans and fantasy leagues across the nation hope will help fill some of their current gaps. After last year’s disappointing season, the Redskins had a shot at some early round picks; here’s how things...

What’s your strategy? 0

What’s your strategy?

Doug here again. I’m deep into readings from IIPSJ, but I wanted to ask everyone a question. Is it better to go all-in with a fantasy team picking players from Germany and Spain only for a predicted final or should I sprinkle in some players from other teams such as a Rooney, a Pirlo or a Ronaldo? With the England v Italy match still...