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Spring Soccer in NC, FIFA 16 on April 4, and the Summer

Some of you know this, but Evan coaches the women’s team at Chase High School. That means in the coming months he’ll be around less for Pro Clubs, articles, and the Free Culture Sports Show. I haven’t been available this winter much and I will continue to not be available for much of the spring. I’ll be more available once I finish some documents...

Indoor Soccer in the Concord Area: Season 4, Post 2 0

Indoor Soccer in the Concord Area: Season 4, Post 2

Recently I’ve been listening to the World Football Weekly, and they have hilarious little segments called “Sad Coaching Moments.” Today, however, I have a happy coaching moment. We won (a lot)! For the first time in 2 years, we played a game and won (we’ve previously secured points via forfeit and actually we won a game when both teams were playing a person down,...

NBA Regular Season Wrap-Up 0

NBA Regular Season Wrap-Up

Wow! What an insane and amazing regular season it has been.  From beginning to end this NBA season has been jam packed with storylines and drama all throughout.  So to commemorate the 2012-2013 regular season I just wanted to highlight some of the biggest stories that happened throughout the year…. DeAndre Jordan Killed Brandon Knight I don’t think words are really  necessary for this….Just...

Coaches: Feed Your Star, Players: Keep Your Head In It 0

Coaches: Feed Your Star, Players: Keep Your Head In It

Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney were both clearly frustrated in their World Cup exits.  Tactics could have been the cause for both. Should Rooney have been played alone up top?  Should Crouch have played more?  Considering the goal, should Defoe have played more? With Portugal…well, if you saw their matches, you know their tactics.  I’m not sure there’s a word for offense in Portuguese. What...

The “Unprofessional Foul” 0

The “Unprofessional Foul”

I was wholeheartedly going to do an article on travel problems in South Africa…I know, I’ve been trying to plan them.  However, a situation came up today that warrants addressing.  Before I say anything else, I’d like to say this is water under the bridge.  I am just posting this as a cautionary tale to recreational sports enthusiasts out there. If you want to...