Author: Dylan


ROUND of 16 : Germany v Algeria

This game had a David and Goliath billing. European powerhouse Germany versus the last remaining African team Algeria. A fight it was, with the game needing to go to extra time to split them. Maybe the Germans were over-confident or maybe the Algerians were desperate for a chance to take on their former colonial overlords France. Either way in the first half Algeria had...


ROUND OF 16 – Colombia v Uruguay

The big questions around this match were all focused on a player who wouldn’t be there, Luis Suarez. How would the Uruguayans cope with his suspension? Could they win without him? Which is a shame as Colombia for me has been one of the stand out teams in the tournament so far. At least the Uruguayans appeared to agree with me. They spent the...

Group Stage : Australia v Spain 0

Group Stage : Australia v Spain

With both teams already eliminated this was dead rubber. The only thing on the line was the chance to leave the tournament with at least some points on the board. Former champions Spain were also hoping to gain some respect back after a dismal opening two matches. Australia hoping to get something to show for their widely applauded efforts. In the first 15 minutes...

Group Stage : Australia v Netherlands 0

Group Stage : Australia v Netherlands

Having easily dispatched Spain in their first match there was an expectation that Australia would be the Netherlands next whipping boys. However Australia were having none of that. The match started with Australia pressing the Netherlands, leaving the Netherlands doing the bulk of the defending and having to resort to counter-attacking. On the 20th minute Arjen Robben evaded Alex Wilkinson on the half-way line...

World Cup 2014 – Day 2: Chile v Australia 0

World Cup 2014 – Day 2: Chile v Australia

It was always going to be a tough task for Australia. After sacking the coach that took them through qualification, replacement Ange Postecoglou embarked on rebuilding what had become a stale and aging squad. Even then he faced a further uphill battle as injuries hampered his selections in key positions. Chile on the other hand would have gone in full of confidence. Their current...